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Safety and Health

Aircraft Research Association Ltd is a Centre of Excellence in Fluid Dynamics. It offers the complementary services of Computational Aerodynamics, Wind Tunnel Model Design and Manufacture, Experimental Aerodynamics and related Technology and Services. This combined service enables it to provide specialist input and high value to civil and military aerospace and related market projects from the very early design concept stages, right through to upgrades of in-service capability.

Aircraft Research Association Ltd recognises the impact of the company’s operations on Occupational Health & Safety, actively seeking ways to reduce that impact through formal and comprehensive Occupational Health & Safety management.

It is the policy of Aircraft Research Association Ltd to:

  • Ensure ARA complies with all applicable Occupational Health & Safety legislation and other requirements;
  • Ensure that the Chief Executive Officer maintains specific responsibility for Occupational Health & Safety;
  • Appoint a competent person to assist us in meeting our statutory requirements including, where appropriate, specialists from outside the organisation;
  • Prevent, avoid or minimise risks to Occupational Health & Safety in all forms wherever possible;
  • Prevent injury, ill health and pollution;
  • Continually improve our overall Occupational Health & Safety performance through a series of programmes set to achieve the objectives of our formal Occupational Health & Safety systems;
  • Judge the success of our performance and the effectiveness of the systems through regular reviews by the Senior Management Team;
  • Review the policy annually to ensure that it continues to reflect the activities, products and services of the company and its significant Occupational Health & Safety risks;
  • Involve all of our employees, contractors and other relevant parties by respecting the views of our Occupational Health & Safety performance as stated by all of our stakeholders and communicating with them when appropriate;
  • Communicate this policy to all employees, contractors and other relevant parties by making it available on request to other stakeholders and members of the general public;
  • Ensure each employee will be given such information, instruction and training as is necessary to enable the safe performance of work activities.

Robert Bosher
Chief Executive
July 2016