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Work Experience

ARA offers Work Experience Programmes for a period of 5 to 10 days in duration for pre/post GCSE students. The aim of this programme is to provide an opportunity to gain an insight into the varied activities that exist in the field of Aerodynamic Research and Wind Tunnel operation.

Our Work Experience placements are co-ordinated through The Bedfordshire Education Partnership to ensure the students undertaking Work Experience are from a cross-section of our local schools.

A programme is prepared to allow the student to have a full insight into the business activities including commercial, technical, managerial and the support functions.

A typical programme may include:

  • How the model aircraft is designed and manufactured
  • The way the models are prepared for testing in the wind tunnel
  • The way the Wind Tunnel operates
  • The computing requirements of Design and Manufacture and the Wind Tunnel

The Work Experience programme commences with the student being given a formal induction to include Health and Safety, Quality and Company information.

Over the length of their Work Experience, the student is shown the different departments where they are closely supervised at all times and where possible allowed to undertake practical exercises. At the end of their Work Experience, the student is asked to write a report of their experience at ARA.

We hope that the Work Experience programme will encourage young people to consider a future career in the aerospace industry.

If you are interested in undertaking your Work Experience at ARA then please notify your school co-ordinator submitting a CV and any supporting information indicating any relevant skills, interest or experience.

ARA is an Equal Opportunities Employer.