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University Student Placement - June to September 2016

Undertaking this summer internship program at the Aircraft Research Association has enabled me to expand the knowledge I gained during my first two years at University, through practical application and working with a highly skilled and experienced workforce.  The full end to end design to manufacture capabilities, from creating engineering designs in the drawing office to generating the necessary production plans alongside a production engineer before heading to the workshop to manufacture the parts personally.  The people at ARA made me feel very welcome and it was a pleasure to work within such a knowledgeable and motivated team who went the extra mile to ensure I extracted significant benefit from working in their discipline.

Through the people I have met and the projects I have undertaken during my three months here at ARA, I have gained numerous practical skills, a greater comprehension of the processes within the engineering life cycle and a significant respect for the disciplines which make up a successful engineering company.  All of these I see as being factors which will benefit me as I progress into my final university year and into my university career.